Coolest Sesame Street Group Costume

We were looking for a group costume and were inspired by all of the awesome ones on this site! We decided to be the Sesame Street characters and make the majority of the costumes out of sweat suits. The base of the Cookie Monster, Grouch, Elmo and Big Bird costumes all started with a sweatshirt/sweat pant combo (in Big Bird’s case, shorts). For Bert and Ernie we got sweaters and dress pants at Goodwill.

Big Bird costume – Sweatshirt with yellow feather boas pinned all around, foam eyes (with a flat spot cut off on the bottom) and foam cone beak cut in half and wrapped in felt. I took some feathers off the boa and added white feathers for the head. Men’s orange tights with pink duct tape for the stripes.

Elmo costume – Basic sweat suit with foam eyes (with a flat spot cut off on the bottom). A foam egg nose cut in half.

Oscar the Grouch costume – Foam eyes with curtain trim for eyebrows. The garbage can was made out of a large embroidery hoop. We broke off the part of the hoop that screwed together and duct taped the loop where it was broken so that it would stay together. We took a black garbage bag and cut it apart to the right circumference and painted the stripes on with craft paint. When dry, we added the SCRAM sign, made of felt, attached the can to the hoops with packaging tape and tied the suspenders on with ribbon. We wanted the trash bag to be flexible so she could sit easily. Completed the look with a felt Slimy the Worm!

Cookie Monster costume – Basic sweat suit with foam eyes (with a flat spot cut off on the bottom). We made cookies out of felt and glued them to his chest.

Bert and Ernie costume – Started with basics from Goodwill and added a wig for Ernie, we couldn’t find a basic wig, so we took one with a mullet and cut the mullet hair off to make Bert’s tuft on the top of his head. We got a bald cap and cut a hole in the top for the hair to stick out. Red noses and a rubber duckie on a string for Ernie completed the look! Ernie refused to shave and ended up looking a bit creepy!

Elmo and Big Bird Costumes

Oscar and Grouch Costumes

Grouch Costume

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