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My little cousin decided that he wanted to be Slimer from Ghost busters this year. In order to make this Homemade Slimer Costume I used a child pajama top pattern that I had from a previous project, so that I was able to have the width and the sleeves done correctly. The rest of the costume was done free handed.

To begin I folded the green fabric width wise, because the front and the back of the costume is going to be cut out all in one piece. Since I want the costumes front and back to be cut out in one piece, I traced both sides of the pajama top pattern onto the fabric.

Note: When I used the pajama top pattern I made it 2 sizes larger than I normally would, so that my cousin could wear clothes under the costume. Since I was only using the pajama top of this pattern, I added another 14 inches to the length to make the top longer for Slimer’s body. For the sleeves I followed the pattern directions.

On the pajama pattern there is a part in the pattern that has a cut out for the neck, this is where the free hand drawing part of the costume begins. If you don’t feel comfortable drawing the Slimer head on the fabric, use butcher paper to draw the Slimer head and then cut it out and trace it onto the fabric. It is at this point that you can decide how big, small, or the shape that you want of your Slimer head, have fun with this part.

After I had my Slimer head and body traced onto my fabric I cut the costume out. I then pinned and sewed the costume together, hemmed the bottom, and sewed the sleeves.

To stuff Slimer’s head I made 3 “pillows”, 1 pillow for the top and 2 pillows for the cheeks. I made the top pillow out of the green fabric by tracing the outline of the Slimer’s head, sewing the seams leaving about a 2 inch opening on one side. I then turned the fabric right side out and then stuffed it with poly fill. I sewed the seam opening closed and then hand sewed the pillow into place.

For the cheeks followed the same process as I did for the top of Slimer’s head, I made a curved pillow for each cheek and hand sewed each one in place.

After I stuffed the head and cheeks I had my cousin try the costume on so I could cut an opening for his face. To do this I made a mark at the top of his head, chin, and cheeks. When I took the costume off I connect the marks to make a circle, then cut and hemmed the circle for his face.

For the eyes I free handed them on yellow fabric and cut them out and sewed the seams leaving about a 1 inch opening on one side. I then turned the eyes right side out and colored the pupils with a black marker. I stuffed these with poly fill as well.

I did this same process for the teeth and the tongue. I sewed the middle of the teeth to make two teeth and did the same down the middle of the tongue with colored thread. I sewed the teeth and the tongue to the costume. I also hand stitched the bottom of the tongue to the costume so it would not flop around when it was being worn.

For the trick or treat bag I found the Ghostbusters’ logo online, enlarged, and printed it out. I traced the logo on coordinating fabric, cut them out, and sewed them together. For the bag I made the size of it according to the size of the logo (12 x 16). I measured and cut out 2-12×32 inches of black fabric: 1 piece for the lining and 1 piece for the outside of the bag.

For the outside of the bag I folded the fabric in half to determine where the logo would go, pinned the logo, and then sewed the logo on the black fabric.

After I sewed on the logo, I measured and cut quilting batting and sewed it to the bag with the logo on the back side. When the logo and the batting are sewed in place, I folded the bag in half, with the batting facing out, I sewed both sides of the bag, do not sew the top of the bag closed, leave it open.

Do the same for the lining except leave a 2-3 inch section (this section may be bigger or smaller depending on the size of your bag) on one side un-sewn. This un-sewn section will be used to pull the outside bag through when it is finished being sewn. Do not sew the top opening of the lining.

Now it is time to make the handles for the bag. The length of the handles will depended on the height of the individual you are making this for; I made my handles about 6 inches long knowing I was going to lose about 2 inches when I sewed them in place. I wanted the handles to be about 2 inches wide, so I cut out a piece of fabric that was 4×6 inches.

I then folded this fabric length wise, pinned, and sewed the seams. This made the handles 2 inches wide and 6 inches long. I sewed the one side together, do not sew the ends. Then take and turn the handles inside out, and iron them flat.

To assemble the bag, turn the lining inside out (seams on the outside); turn the outside bag right side out, with the logo facing out. Take the lining and place the outside bag with the logo facing out and place it inside of the lining. The “right sides” of both bags should be facing each other after the outside bag is inserted inside the lining bag.

Then take your handles and place them between the lining and the outside bag by measuring from the outside of the bag 3-4 inches on each side leaving 1 inch of handle outside of the bag (these ends will be hidden inside the bag when it is turned right side out), and pin the handles in place. Pin the lining and the outside bag together, using the seams of the lining and the outside bag to correctly match both up, and then sew them together.

Since this process can be confusing I will pin the handles, lining, and outside bag together and then using the hole in the lining seam I will carefully pull the bag right side out, and make sure that the seams of the lining seams will be on the inside, that the handle length, and placement is correct.

When I feel that everything is correct I will carefully turn the bag back to inside out and sew around the top. To reinforce the handles I will sew over them 2-3 times. When the top of the bag has been sewn I will, pull the outside bag out through the lining hole, and place the lining inside of the bag. Either hand sew or machine sew the 2 inch section of the lining and replace lining into bag and your bad is done.

If you have any questions about making this Homemade Slimer Costume, please leave a comment and I will get back to you.

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