Coolest Homemade Slimer Costume

3 weeks to Halloween 2009 and I have no costume! Searching for inspiration on the web resulted in the following options:
Sexy witch
Slutty devil

Ugghh! Where are all the cool original costumes?! The only option was to make my own, just what….

Well after a week of a lack of ideas via facebook status updates asking for help, I decided to go down the horror movie route. Ghostbusters, an 80’s classic, you really can’t go wrong but then again, it was entirely likely I’d run into a lot of Ghostbusters on Halloween in London, in fact I met 15 that night!

But Slimer, hmmmm, now we’re talking!

So it was decided, I would be Slimer, after all how often do you see a big green slimy ghost on Halloween? (well probably more than any other night of the year but still, I bet much fewer sighting of Slimer than of all those girls dressed as bloody vampires).

Back to the internet to buy a costume, ah, it seems there are no Slimer costumes for sale, or in fact any Slimer costumes at all… I had to make my own homemade Slimer costume.

To the drawing board…

King size duvet – check
4 boxes of green dye – check
Red, yellow, black felt – check
Old pink t-shirt from friend (thank you Alex) – check
Cheap supermarket pillows – check
Needle and thread – check

2 weeks later, many pricked fingers, a trail of threads and fabric shreds on the carpet and I’m done!

Luckily most people recognized who I was suppose to be and various teams of Ghostbusters (including several random tourists) asked to have their pictures taken with me. One girl did ask if I was a Caterpilla, clearly she belonged to team Edward and hadn’t been educated in the classics.

High light of the night? Swinging on the London underground handle bars as the doors opened to unsuspecting civilians!

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