Sesame Street costume by Adam B., College Park, MD

This Sesame Street costume was by far the best idea I ever had for a costume. I pride myself on having the best costume every Halloween the last few years and this one was the best I’ve done. I despise going into Halloween costume shops and do everything in my power to avoid it by making my own costumes. Once I decided that I was going to be Oscar the Grouch it was only a matter of figuring out exactly how to pull it off and not look like a naked alien.

The key was the trash can but how do you go an entire party carrying a trash can around with you? I figured I would simply drill a few holes and use some rope. Therefore it was off to the hard ware store. While shopping for the perfect aluminum trash can at the hardware store I found my solution to the can problem. I walked pass the tool belts and saw a set of $5 work suspenders. These had nice strong clasps and a good nylon strap that would easily hold the trashcan weight and distribute it over my shoulders.

Oscar the Grouch Sesame Street Costume

With the trashcan and suspenders in hand I returned home for a little fabrication. With the help of a grinder I cut the bottom of the can out and smoothed down the edges. This is important because the metal is sharp and will cut your legs. I covered the bottom rim with metallic tape to protect my legs a little more. Now I needed one last touch. I had to make myself green. A trip to the party store for green face paint solved that problem. So with a $25 dollar trashcan a $5 pair of suspenders and $5 worth of green paint I had my costume. Oscar the Grouch. My favorite costume of all time

Total Spent: $30

Sesame Street costume by Jody B., Saskatoon

Oscar the Grouch Sesame Street Costume

I made this Bruno the Trashman and Oscar costume out of chicken wire for the frame. Then I used lots and lots of glue sticks and material.

I really enjoy making these costumes.

I really like how I made Oscar as the puppet and you could puppeteer him. The back of the garbage can was cut open and you put your hand in.

Total Spent: $200

Oscar the Grouch Sesame Street Costume