This year Gabe is 10, and we can no longer build his costume around a wagon. Last year as Scooby Doo and the Mystery Machine, kept wanting to tip over.

Gabe came up with the idea of “Oscar the Grouch” and that is all she wrote. Paper mache, balloon, a bunch of fur, a lot of glue sticks, some red and black felt, foam board, a wooden ball, some paint, and a lot of imagination!  This was however, the quickest costume I have made him yet. It only took me one weekend, and it was a good thing, since I procrastinated until last weekend and his school parade was the following Friday!!  The entire time I was hearing in the background “Are you making my Halloween costume, are you making my Halloween costume, are you making my Halloween costume……”

My son has Cerebral Palsy and doesn’t walk independently. He tires very easily, and ever since he started regular school I have always tried to make all the kids, for one day, wish they were Gabe. Kindergarten was R2D2 (previously posted on this site); 1st Grade was a Fireman in a Fire Truck (with extension ladder, Dalmatian, and working lights), 2nd Grade was a very cool Marvin the Martian in a Rocket!, last year, 3rd Grade was Scooby Doo in the Mystery Machine, and this year the very cool Sesame Street Puppet “Oscar the Grouch”. Gabe loves puppets, and was very excited to be Oscar! Dad build a seat in the trash can for Gabe to sit on and then we strapped the trash can to a dolly and we are now mobile! Wonder what next year will bring! Hope you like!