We wanted to do a family theme, so we decided on Sesame Street. My husband really wanted to wear a trashcan so of course he opted for Oscar the Grouch!

I started making the costume by paper maching a punching balloon. I then covered it in green furry fabric, cut out the bottom so his head could fit, cut out the mouth and inserted a piece of cardboard covered in black felt with a red tongue. I used Styrofoam balls for the eyes, black felt for the pupils, and covered them with furry brown fabric for the eyebrows. I cut out a small ¾” by 3” slit under the eyeballs so my husband could see.

For the body, I outlined the pattern of a long sleeve shirt and added a few inches so it was longer and bigger. I sewed it together to make a shirt.

For the trashcan, we used a Sawsall to cut out the bottom and covered the edges with duct tape so it didn’t pose a cutting hazard. We drilled two holes in front and two and back and attached nylon straps (webbing) covered in the fur which crisscrossed in the back. We used bolts and nuts to attach them through the holes.

As for the Big Bird dress, I bought furry yellow fabric and made a slip dress. I used a yellow boa around the top and bottom, and added feathers on the straps. I cut the head off a stuffed big bird and attached it to a hair clip, and added some more feathers. For the tights I got orange tights and used pink fabric paint to add the stripes.

My 2-year-old son went trick-or-treating as Elmo to complete our Homemade Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch Couple Halloween Costume Ideas!