I got the idea to have my Labrador Retriever be Big Bird because Labs are “bird dogs”. It was a play on words that she be BIG BIRD DOG. I dressed up as Oscar the Grouch. I got my supplies from Joanne fabrics and the Dollar Tree. For my costume I only had to purchase a shirt at Wal-Mart with Oscars face on it, everything else I had in the house. For the trash bin I cut a hole in the bottom of a collapsible laundry basket and then spray painted it silver. I used Duct Tape to create suspenders and a take-out aluminum dish for the trash can lid. I added aluminum foil for the handle and strung a piece of elastic through the dish.

To create my dog’s costume I needed yellow felt, yellow feathers, foam eyes, 2 pairs of socks, a visor cap, foam paper and acrylic paint. I adhered everything using Aileen’s No Sew Glue.

Step One: I traced the shape of a raincoat my dog wears onto the yellow felt. It covers her like a blanket and has extended tabs underneath the belly and in the front of her neck.

Step Two: Attach Velcro to “tabs”. I purchased Velcro that is 1.5″ by 3″. The piece that is soft I keep whole. The rough sided one I cut in half width wise. I do this because the rough side can catch on the felt fabric and pull it. I then glued on a piece of Velcro to each end of the tabs. It also helps to keep the softer piece long so that you have more room to adjust it on your pet, kind of like holes on a belt.

Step Three: Glue on the feathers using Aileen’s Glue.

Step Four: I found pink and orange striped socks at Dollar Tree that I made into leg warmers by cutting open one end.

Step Five: Paint foam balls with pink and blue acrylic paint. Glue them onto the top of a foam visor. On the under side of the visor brim I cut out 3 diamond shapes in yellow, red and pink to create the mouth and tongue.

And there you have a Homemade Big Bird Dog and Oscar the Grouch Handler Costume.