Material used:  Silver duct tape sheets, medium e-collar, empty paper towel roll, tie dye felt, Fiesta ribbon, green, yellow, and silver felt, flat styrofoam circle, green glitter glue, hot glue gun, scissors

I came up with this idea for a Fiesta dog competition.  I wanted something that said Fiesta without it being your typical Mexican mariachi or dress costume.  I basically started off using one of my bigger dog’s cone of shame (E-collar) which was a size medium.  I got duct tape and just covered the whole e-collar with it. I used regular silver duct tape to make it look like it was a glass.  I then got green glitter glue and put it all around the big end of the e-collar to simulate the salt on the rim of the margarita.  I then bought a special green and blue tie dye felt pattern and glue gunned that to the inside of the e-collar to make it look like that was the liquid margarita itself. I used the same material and cut it into an apron shape and glue gunned straps to it and then used velcro on the ends of the straps to attach it to my dog’s body.  I then used silver material and attached to the bottom of the apron to simulate the bottom of the margarita glass.  I then got a Fiesta ribbon and glue gunned that to the outside of the e-collar.  I used an empty paper towel roll to make the straw.  I covered that in silver duct tape as well and then attached more of the Fiesta ribbon to it.  Then I went ahead and glue gunned it to the inside of the e-collar.  Finally I added velcro tabs to the sides of the e-collar to make sure it was a good fit on my dog.  I used the e-collar upside down and put my dog’s head sticking out of the biggest part of the e-collar and attached it to her waist where the head would normally be sticking out. I made a lime out of styrofoam.  I bought a flat circle of styrofoam and cut it in half.  I then covered it with green and yellow felt cut to the shape of the half circle.  I glue gunned the green felt on the edges and the yellow felt on the sides.  I then drew lines on the yellow felt to make it look more like a lime.  I then put it inside the e-collar on the side of my dog’s body. I made an apron for my dog to wear.  I usedAs a last added touch, I bought a green fluffy, feathery hair clip and attached that to the top of my dog’s head.  That’s how you make a homemade Barkarita.

The hardest part of the costume process itself was putting it on my dog and making sure she didn’t find a way to wiggle out of it or destroy it.  The costume basically took me a week to create counting the time spent on purchasing supplies and the actual creation of it.  I must admit I’m pretty proud of my creation since this was the first time I created a costume from scratch and I came up with idea itself.

I used it for a local Fiesta San Antonio contest at my veterinarian’s.  The theme was Fiesta and I felt we were the most original.  Everyone got a laugh out of the costume.  Since the costume was somewhat uncomfortable, I had to carry my dog in my arms but that worked in my favor because when I walked with her I just pretended to drink ouf of the straw and suck on the lime wedge.  We didn’t win first place but we got a duchess category which was a 4th or 5th place.  We didn’t win anything other than the right to ride on Fiesta parade float for my veterinarian.  Everyone came up to us and said they loved the idea and felt it was very original. Plus they loved the fact it was homemade and that I had recycled an old e-collar. I also submitted it to an online Halloween costume contest and we ended up winning 2nd place for it.  So that makes 2 wins for the costume but none have been a first so I’m hoping 3rd time’s the charm.