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150+ Hilariously PAWesome Homemade Pet Costumes

Loving your furry companion means including them in the  Halloween fun. They can sweetly watch you put on your own costume and may beg you with their eyes not to stuff them into a costume. But, unless you’re made of stone, you cannot resist this adorably hilarious collection of homemade pet costumes.

There is something for every pet here. Whether they are yearning to be a Storm Trooper or a frosted cupcake. Learn the tips and tricks here from other pet owners who ensure their beloved pets would be able to move (and pee!) in these amazing DIY costumes.

Part of what makes these costumes so awesome are the expressions on the animals here. Whether they are looking to escape or just resigned to wearing a homemade costume, they are hilarious.

In addition, you will also find awesomely fun owner and pet couple costumes. If you’ve never tried one, now is definitely the time!

So, check out these entertaining and comfortable DIY pet costumes for a Paw-sitively awesome Halloween.

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