Coolest Domino’s Delivery Dog Costume

Homemade Dominos Deliver Dog Costume

My name is Tammy Chilleme, my dog Kaiah is a 3 year old resue dog, rotti mix that we have had since she was a puppy. She a wonderful disposition and enjoys wearing clothes, wont go out in the rain without her raincoat. Kaiah”s Dad works at Dominos so I decided to dress her like … Read more

Coolest Homemade Scuba Bulldog Costume

Homemade Scuba Bulldog Costume

I rescued Max, an English Bulldog, from the NSPCA in Springfield, MA in April of 2008. At the time he had ringworm, was underweight and had been abandoned by his previous owner. Since then Max has gotten healthy (and fat) and has been a great addition to the family. He enjoys sleeping, eating and being … Read more

Coolest St Pauli Beer Girl Costume

Pet Dog Costume

This year for Halloween I decided to dress my little chihuahua, Rosie, as a St Pauli Beer Girl. The whole costume was homemade. The dress was designed by me and sewn by a friend. I found German ribbon to add to the dress to make it look more authentic. The wig was made from yarn. … Read more

Coolest Homemade Cerberus Costume

Homemade Cerberus Costume

I want to share with everyone the product I use that has truly changed my Halloween costume making and has made anything possible. After years of experimenting with paper mache (too heavy), wire and fabric (not stable enough) and many other methods, I finally found plumbing pipe insulation. This is extremely light weight, bendable, sturdy … Read more

Coolest Homemade Three Muttsketeers Dog Costume

Homemade Three Muttsketeers Dog Costume

Pictured right to left are Savannah, Keri, & Clayton. These 10 year old rescued greyhound siblings do everything together, including getting into trouble. They actively live by the motto, “All for One & One for All”, or should it be “All for One & One for a Biscuit!”? They will certainly do anything for a … Read more

Coolest Goldens Playing Operation Game Costume

Homemade Goldens Playing Operation Game Costume

On a spooky Halloween night, the evil surgeon Phoenix decided to play a game of Operation. Poor Cavity-Aladdin’s nose didn’t stop lighting up and buzzing as Phoenix removed his funny bone, spare ribs, and charlie horse. Despite this, the evil doctor proclaimed the Operation a success! To make the Goldens Playing Operation Game Costume of … Read more

Coolest Pet Costume

Captain Pasha the Pirate Costume

I make my dog’s Halloween costumes without a pattern. I get an idea, draw it on paper, take measurements, gather supplies, cloth, embellishments, etc. For this pet costume I knew I wanted only two pieces to make it easier to dress my Siberian husky, Pasha. I found a dog harness and made him wear it … Read more

Coolest Dog Costume

Echo the Scuba Diver Dog Costume

Echo, our Boston terrier, is dressed as a scuba diver. Her homemade costume was made from two aluminum spray bottles with the tops of soda bottles. A tire gauge was used with some surgical tubing for a depth gauge. Finally Her fins, mask and snorkel were taken from a scuba Cabbage Patch doll that was … Read more

Cool Pet Costume

A bag of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans!

I took a large plastic bag (the ones made for gift wrapping baskets) and cut two holes in it for my dog’s front feet. Then I reinforced the holes with felt circles. I cut the end of the bag off so that the costume could be slid on to my dog. To keep this pet … Read more

Coolest GePETto and his PUPnocchio Costume

Homemade GePETto and his PUPnocchio Costume

Phoenix is Gepetto, the puppeteer, and his real little boy Pinocchio, played by Aladdin, just wishes he didn’t have any strings. Gepetto is manipulating Pinocchio’s marionette crossbar with his paw so he can help him put on a show for Halloween before Pinocchio’s nose grows too long. Both of the main clothing pieces the dogs … Read more

Coolest Pony Costume

Pony Costume

Everyone always asks me if my dog has a saddle. And I can now say yes he does! I ordered the saddle from It is for toddlers to ride miniature horses and it fits perfect. I made his mane and tail from sewing my hair extensions onto a fabric then safety pinning it to … Read more

Coolest Pet Dog Costume

Schatzi + Dutch = Dubble Trubble

While trying to come up with an original idea for dressing up my two Havanese pups, I browsed the internet for ideas. I saw a Tootsie Roll costume, which led me down the “candy” path. I came across a photo of a Dubble Bubble pillow and then thought of changing the name to Dubble Trubble … Read more