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Original Dog Costumes – Headless Ghosts of the 1700’s

Have you ever heard the legend of the ghosts of the Luminous Lady and the Gray Gentleman? This young couple was courting back in the 1700’s, but their parents did not approve. They agreed to sneak off one night late in October and elope. They decided to meet by the waterfall at midnight. When the Lady got there, however, the Gentleman told her he had changed his mind. The Lady became enraged and pushed the gentleman away from her. He began to lose his balance and grabbed onto the Lady, and they both toppled into the waterfall and they drowned in the strong currents. To this day, the Lady is always spotted glowing with rage every All Hallow’s Eve, and so her ghost is called the Luminous Lady. Every year at midnight the Lady becomes so angry with the Gentleman for pulling her into the water that she takes out a sword and swipes off his head. The Gray Gentleman then carries his head until the following evening, when he is able to reattach it.

We hand-made these costumes for our dogs Aladdin (The Gray Gentleman) and Phoenix (The Luminous Lady). We bought some pieces, which we altered by trimming them and cutting a hole for the head, measuring so it was in the right spot from the ground. We bought a white mannequin torso form, which we painted to look ghostly, by dry-brushing it with gray paint, and adding red paint ot make it look a little bloody. We also made the sword look bloody with red paint. We stuffed the gloves for both dogs with stuffing and attached them to the arms of the outfits, and put everything together with some other accessories. The floating ghosts and the headless illusions are real (they looked the same in person) and we did not digitally alter this photo in any way.

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