The Cutest E.T. Dog and Owner Costume

THE cutest E.T.

I had this idea of doing a costume together with my dog and decided to go with it. I knew I had to make a basket and could not use one as it would be too firm and hurt my dog.   I took measurements of an actual crate and laid out vinyl I have from … Read more

Rest in Power RBG – Cool DIY Pet Dog Costume

Rest in Power RBG

This is my dog Keno dressed as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. It was made to celebrate the life and advancements RBG did for women’s rights. It was quite simple to make. Everything was bought at a thrift store besides the glasses. They are toddler glasses I got online. The robe was made from a graduation gown. … Read more

Dog and Owner Costume – Handmade Beauty and the… Dog?

Beauty and the... Dog?

This dress was mostly finished a couple years before I thought to make it my Halloween costume, but the addition of my dog Loki’s costume is what definitely brought the heart to this project. Since both costumes are sewn from scratch, they had to start with patterns. I used a commercial corset pattern for my … Read more

Cool Homemade Nascar Couple and Dog Costume

Nascar Couple + Dog Costume

Nascar girl costume: I found the black body suit and hoop earrings at Forever 21 ($15 + $3). Red bottoms was the hardest thing to find!! I went to multiple malls and thrift stores. I ultimately ended up buying a pair of red leather shorts off of Poshmark ($18). I bought checkered bandanas from Hobby … Read more

Adorable Home-Sewn Pincushion Costume for a Dog

Sew Adorable Pincushion Costume for a pup)

This is my 5th year creating a homemade costume for my dogs.  In all prior years, my dogs’ costumes have been food related, but this year I decided to do something different.  I recently started sewing and decided the perfect costume would be pincushions for the dogs with me being a pile a of scrap … Read more

Amazing Pop Art Inspired Owner and Pet Costumes

owner and pet costumes

Inspiration for my Owner and Pet Costumes I got the inspiration for this costume last year online. I always do dog costume contests. And I love to dress up alongside of my pup. So, I knew what I was going to do for myself – but I had to think of how to create it … Read more

Awesome Bag of Jelly Belly Beans DIY Dog Costume

DIY dog costume

Jelly Beans DIY Dog Costume Materials -Water balloons (I used all 3 primary colors) -Many colors of paint -Mod podge (shiny finish) -Clear plastic bag -Clear packing tape -Red ribbon -Stiff felt (in red and yellow) for Jelly Belly logo -Red felt and cardboard for hat Steps to Making the DIY Dog Costume I find food … Read more

Ellen Show Stage Dog Costume

Ellen Show Stage Dog Costume

Hi! I’m Lucy and my mom thought it would hilarious to dress me up as a stage dog. Okay, truth is I really love watching the Ellen show so I hoped that my dream of being a stage dog would come true this Halloween…and it did! First my mom found a guy named Alan who … Read more

Doggie Doubles as Oscar the Grouch Costume

Doggie Doubles as Oscar the Grouch Costume

Missy (short for Missy Misdemeanor Elliott) is roaming the streets of DC this Halloween as Oscar the Grouch in a home-made costume this year. I got the idea because Missy is nicknamed miss grouchy because with her under bite she often looks grouchy and is a pretty strong-willed sassy dog! The whole thing costs about $80 … Read more

Let it Go Frozen Pet Costumes

Let it Go Frozen Pet Costumes

The costumes were made by me, Shannon (age 19), my sister, Katelyn (17), and my mom, Beth. We came up with the costume idea when we were shopping and saw the costume section. We saw how cute the costumes were from Disney’s Frozen and decided it would be a perfect theme for our bunch of … Read more

Dog Eaten by Rattlesnake Costume

Dog Eaten by Rattlesnake Costume

My dog is a great guy. Mason is mellow and will put up with anything. I knew I wanted to take advantage of that in the costume. I’ve always loved animals. When I was a kid there was never a Halloween when I wasn’t dressed in one of my mom’s hand-sewn animal costumes, so it … Read more

Edward ScissorPaws held by Kim Boggs

Edward ScissorPaws held by Kim Boggs

Ever since I started needing a service dog, I knew Halloween would be annoying with people asking me about my dog. So I decided we would always wear duo costumes so people would focus on the costume instead. I had another costume in mind for Halloween this year, but Danny Elfman brought Halloweentown to the … Read more