These are my adopted retired racing greyhounds, Nattie and Whompus. They’re two reunited litter-mates who raced at different tracks around the country for 3 years before we had the pleasure of being able to adopt them both as our first dogs ever. Despite being 4 years old, they have never lived in a home before, so everything is new to them.

Naturally, we exposed them  to a variety of situations to let them experience life. Cooling down in kiddie pools is okay, but they absolutely dislike swimming. The lack of body fat and skinny frame make them list from side to side, and they’re not very buoyant. I knew I wanted to dress the pair up for Halloween, and that it had to be matching outfits. I thought back to when we tried to swim with them, and I wanted to create outfits that gave the illusion that they could be as fast in water as they are on land. Their rather sleek body design lends itself to the idea as well. What better than scuba divers?

I crafted the scuba fins out of children’s craft foam, and attached Velcro strips and elastic to the backs so that they’ll stay on the dogs ankles. The snorkel masks were purchased online. I’ve made winter coats and pajamas for the dogs in winter because they truthfully do get cold. I used the same pattern dimensions to aid in making the black fleece suits they have on. The air tanks are 2 liter soda bottles that are spray painted yellow and black and then wrapped in yellow duct tape. They’re attached to the dogs outfits with Velcro. The black hose is actual hollow electrical wire coverings that are lightweight and very flexible. Lastly the air pressure gauge is truthfully an analog tire pressure gauge that we glued into the electrical wire covering and Velcro-ed onto the costume.

The dogs don’t mind the outfits much, but I’m sure they’re curious as to what’s going on. They pose very well.