Our family and friends absolutely loved the costumes – especially since they were very kid-friendly this year.  Last year, we dressed our German Shepherd (Bailey) up as a martini (using an e-collar for the martini glass and green balls and red felt for the olives), but random strangers posted her photo up on Reddit and on Pinterest before we got a chance to!

This year, we adopted a second dog (named Tasty!) and decided to dress both dogs up in costumes with a common theme.  These deliciously adorable costumes were not only very easy to make, but they were also very affordable (I got all of the materials – including the tutu – for under $10).  The funniest part of the whole experience was seeing them trying to eat the “cookies” off each other’s costumes!  I even had to cut out an extra cookie to replace the one that they tried to eat.  The cookies on their costumes may not have been real, but there most certainly were two real-life cookie monsters underneath those costumes!

Here are very easy steps to make your very own Cookie & Cookie Monster costumes!

For the Cookie Costume:

  • Cut five or more circles out of a brown paper bag to make the cookies.  It may be helpful to trace the bottom of a drinking glass to make the circles.
  • Use a black marker to draw in the chocolate chips.
  • Tape two cookies onto a head bopper.  Use the remaining cookies for the Cookie Monster costume.

For the Cookie Monster Costume:

  • Cut two circles out of white paper to make the eyes.
  • Cut a wide mouth out of black cardboard.
  • Tape the eyes, mouth, and cookies onto a blue tutu.  You may cut out a small piece of one of the cookies to make it look like it was partially eaten.

Important Side Note:  Please do not use real chocolate chip cookies for any part of the costume as chocolate can be very toxic to dogs!