Starr Waters is the next Cookie Lyon from Fox’s Empire.  The costume was selected because I love Cookie. The entire outfit was created by me, mom, Cindy.

Cookie’s dress was inspired by the outfit in the poster. The poster was created using Powerpoint and I had blockposter create the block poster, which I printed out, taped together and hung on the wall.  Cookie’s dress started out as a one piece shawl purchased from a fabric store, which was cut up to make a dress.

The hat was purchased, but I used the same fabric to cover it. I put a hole in the top for her long black ponytail to come through.  Her fur shawl was made using a piece of white fur.  I lined the inside with satin and also use leftover fabric to create the covering of the arm holes.  I made the purse using a square mini paint canvas.  I covered it using leftover fabric and put a chain on it as the purse straps.  The shoes were leftover from a previous costume, but I covered a portion of them using leftover fabric to match everything.

The stage was created with a piece of board. It’s held up by two ottomans underneath.  The steps are pet steps that I covered with fabric.  I purchased the lions online.  I also made the mini record and incorporated all of the cast pictures on it using powerpoint.