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Coolest Goldens Playing Operation Game Costume

On a spooky Halloween night, the evil surgeon Phoenix decided to play a game of Operation. Poor Cavity-Aladdin’s nose didn’t stop lighting up and buzzing as Phoenix removed his funny bone, spare ribs, and charlie horse. Despite this, the evil doctor proclaimed the Operation a success!

To make the Goldens Playing Operation Game Costume of Cavity-Aladdin, which is based on Cavity-Sam from the game, we used a hospital gown. We cut the shapes of the body part pieces like they have in the game out of white craft foam. We made each shape again, slightly larger, out of red craft foam and made a white border the same size to glue on top of the red pieces, so that the edges were a little bit raised. We painted the borders silver to look like the metal edges over the holes the body-parts reside inside in the real game. Then we glued the white body-part pieces onto the red backgrounds. For the anklebone, we used a rubber-band, like they do in the game, but kept it on with brads pushed into the craft foam. Then we glued each whole body-part with background in an appropriate area of the hospital gown.

We also made signs identifying the various body-parts on white cardstock, with arrows pointing to each part, like they have on the game. The big red nose is made from a hollowed out foam ball, so it would have enough room to fit loosely over the dog’s nose with plenty of room to breathe. We also added a toupee to look like the man’s hair on the game. The surgeon outfit is a scrub shirt to which we attached a surgeon’s mask, and a surgeon’s cap on his head.

To make the gameboard the patient is lying on, we covered a short table with red and yellow posterboard. We cut out white letters to spell ‘Operation’ and glued them on the posterboard. We punched a hole in a corner of the yellow posterboard and tied on a red string, which is attached to the tongs. The tongs the doctor is holding in his mouth were put together using salad tongs with red felt wrapped around the handle and glued on. The bone in the tongs being pulled out is a rawhide dog bone. The X Ray board in the background is white posterboard with black construction paper shapes cut out and glued on, showing the body parts that match the ones from the game.

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