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Pretty Peacock Cat Costume – Literally Tells It’s Own Tail!

Here’s a pretty Peacock cat costume I made for Sophie, our 4 year old rescue kitty. Sophie is very outgoing and has no problem wearing hats or costumes. She loves attention and so I thought why not try to make a pretty peacock costume for her to proudly strut around in that would match her personality.

I was so sick of seeing the usual weak cat costume options in the stores.

Well it worked and she happily ran around collecting head butts and enjoying all the attention she was getting. Everyone was dying that she didn’t care that it was on her. Everyone thought it was adorable, creative, and funny.

After I got the indoor pics I cut a small hole in the top back of it and put the costume over her harness and took her out for a walk on her leash with it on. That was really funny. My proud little peacock was a big show off for the neighbors. Everyone has seen their neighbor walk their cat on a leash in a peacock outfit right :) ?

Making the Peacock Cat Costume

I started the cat costume by making a pattern based loosely off the fit of her harness that we take her outside in. I drew it out on a piece of black fabric and cut it out fitting it to her in the process to get it right, and making it a little bigger on the sides to cover more of her.

Once I got the size correct I made another one out of turquoise blue felt. Then I hot glued them together. I then deconstructed a turquoise feather boa and hot glued the feathers onto the body I had just made. Once that was finished I started the bottom.

I made a tutu which went under the peacock feathers out of various different colors of tulle. I cut each piece of tulle the same size and tied them individually around a band of Velcro. Once the tutu was big enough to wrap half way around her body I sewed it on to the bottom edge of the feather body I made.

I then cut 3″x 1″ strips of cardboard out and covered them in the blue felt and I hot glued them together. I made 4 of those. I then hot glued 2 rows of peacock feathers onto the cardboard strips. I glued 3 large peacock feathers on the top row and two smaller peacock feathers on each bottom row, fanning them slightly.

Once all the cardboard feather rows were built I hot glued them onto the Velcro band of the tutu across the body to make the fanned out peacock look. I sewed Velcro on the bottom of the body and the neck to secure the outfit to her. It fit her perfect and she walked around without any problems. The entire cost of Sophie’ cat costume was probably about $30.

Making this cat costume was a lot of fun and even more fun to see her running around in. I think as long as your pet enjoys it and can walk comfortably then it’s super fun to include pets in Halloween festivities. I especially enjoy seeing how happy she is getting all the attention in it.

She was originally pulled from a semi-hoarding situation where lots of pets were stacked in crates so seeing her so outgoing and enjoying life to the fullest now is a true joy. Being a proud peacock really suits her well.

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