These are our cats dressed up. Every single person who saw our cats in their cat costumes loved it, not just the details but just amazed that we were able to get our cats to dress up. Our cats are very well trained and have good temperaments. They are used to being dressed, Every one of them is a rescue. So we got them dressed up as Sponge Bob Square Pants and his friends.

Most of the costumes were made from a thin foam with material attached to them. They were all handmade/hand sewn, glued & somethings were hot glued.

Making the Cat Costumes

Sponge Bob (Snuggles, aged 1 1/2). A whole body made of foam with yellow fleece. Arms, legs, and nose are all sculpted foam with material and felt. Googly eyes with black pipe cleaners on edge, black felt for eye-lashes. Black and red felt for the mouth. Light green circled glued on the body for sponge effect. Then underneath I measured and added 1 med & 2 wide straps with snaps.

Squidward (Nimrod, aged 10 1/2). Her head and mouth were made of foam with materials. I added extra under the mouth with 1 snap under her chin so she could wear it like a hat and 4 other snaps to attach the body to the head. Body & t-shirt were hand sewn and 2 extra foam legs and eyes were made of oval styrofoam ball cut in 1/2 with white fabric & felt for the pupil.

Gary the snail (Cali, aged 1 1/2). Used two different size layers of foam; blue and green for the body under-shell with extra material between head and body for movement. Shell was foam contoured and covered with a pink material with red felt on it and stuffed with fiberfill. The head was shaped for her head. The mouth had jewelry for the teeth and 3 light blue pipe cleaners braided into a round styrofoam ball with white material. I colored with yellow highlighter and red/black felt for the pupils. Then, underneath I measured and added 1 med & 2 wide straps with snaps.

Patrick (Poohbear, aged 4 1/2 months). Her head is made of foam with pink material. The eyes are mini foam balls with materials and felt, eye-brows are felt. I hand sewed her body and bathing suit, then put Velcro to close belly area and 1 snap to body and head to connect.
Jellyfish (Precious, aged 4 1/2 months). Her costume was completely hand sewn, I put fiberfill in the area for her head and added 1 snap under chin and elastic behind her head. As for the body, I had pink sparkled material layered and cut shimmery green see thru material, with mini dots on it. I sewed elastic so she could just slip over the neck.