1) Black dress, crown comb and pearls did get from Costumes Direct. Can use any black dress or pearls you may have.

2) Dog pearls strung on fishing line, 3 separate necklaces. I used bulk pearls from Joanne fabric. Dogs tiara from thrift store, detached comb, added black thin elastic (Joanne fabric). Make another one for gift box.

3) Dog coat several horse blanket versions on web, use Velcro and blue satin. I used 1 1/2 yards for entire project of cheap costume satin and had leftovers. Fabric tack can be used if you don’t sew.

4) Tiffany’s box top. Cardboard box cut desired size square. Cut 1 & 1/2″ pieces for sides, use box cutter or utility knife. Glue and duck tape sides in place, I used Aliens. Let dry overnight. Cover with blue satin glue, only edges start in center of each inside edge and move around fold corners. I duck taped as I glued used fabric. Tack dries quickly and fast so show through. Cut white satin ribbon, used wire 1″ , 1 strip half of box tack on inside edge. Other edge tie bow like shoe lace with edges to extend to inside of top. Glue.

6) Body of box for comfort are fabric panels, glue to a top piece. Cut square size of top – 1/2″. Fabric cut 2 pieces to cover side and enough to extend approximately 1/3 to other 2 ends. Measure your dog or arm. Length is determined by measuring cardboard on dog’s back to floor. Cut out pieces, hem or use fabric tack to hem. Glue 1/4″ to1/2 ” to square with fabric tack and tape in place. I keep all tape on entire project because it wasn’t going to be seen (white glue would work but longer dry time and might show through).

7) Place dog coat on dog make sure its a good fit. Place cardboard with material not top on dog. Mark where to place top take off dog and glue fabric tack. Let dry overnight.

8) Eggs and egg earrings. Mix while glue I used Aleens with while craft paint (JoAnne’s brand), use plastic cup and spoon that can be discarded. Pour glue mixture onto wax paper wax side up into blob approximately 1  1/2inches. I made several so I could choose. Yellow polymer clay (fimo soft) shape small circle flatten bottom on table add to center of egg whites. Let dry 1 to 2 days or more depending on humidity .Peel off paper bottom may need to dry. Bake in toaster oven not used for food or use air dry clay and paint egg yolks. Bake on foil 250 for 10-15 min. just yolks need to be cooked but I chose to cook whole thing to avoid gluing yolks to whites. Done, you can cut whites to reshape if needed or add more glue/paint mixture. to make earrings earring findings (Joanne fabric), use pliers to gently bend closed part open, poke wire part in top of egg close with pliers.

9) Toast the bread, let cool then cover with glue on one side and edges after that dries overnight do other side. Should be quite hard and not smell like toast, if not use another coat of glue. I left this overnight for 2 nights. After dry and no ants bothered with it I live in Florida where ants are everywhere. Butter is polymer clay, yellow and white mixed, formed into square and pushed into toast to give melted look. I baked this with eggs or can just bake square butter. Glue down butter if required, if not add another coat of glue to top of toast.

10) Glue toast eggs and silverware to plate.

11) Gift box cover in fabric I used one I had, add bow and pearls glue. Ribbon was no wired and thinner than box top costume.

12) Coffee is cup with brown paint mixed with glue 1/4 way.

13) Cereal is bowl from freezer meal or takeout not sure where I got it from. Glue cereal used small box of cornflakes stick in spoon cover in glue. After dry add some glue paint mixture for milk.

14) Glue or use alleens repositionable glue, tack it over again (I love the stuff). All elements, one in each 1/4 of top, also used was empty creamer and splenda packet. Write Tiffany &Co on box with a sharpie marker.

15) Glue or use tack it over on top of box so it can attach to dog coat.