Funny Carousel Horse Costume for a Dog

Funny Carousel Horse Costume for a Dog

Kaiah is a 5 year old rescue dog we refer to her as a little horse, so I turned her into carousel horse. She does like her bling and chasing  new horse tail. Kaiah is used to dressing up and meeting kids while in costume, and we always dress up in coordinating outfits. The most … Read more

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Owner and Dog Costume

Breakfast at Tiffany's Owner and Dog Costume

1) Black dress, crown comb and pearls did get from Costumes Direct. Can use any black dress or pearls you may have. 2) Dog pearls strung on fishing line, 3 separate necklaces. I used bulk pearls from Joanne fabric. Dogs tiara from thrift store, detached comb, added black thin elastic (Joanne fabric). Make another one … Read more

Coolest Handmade Cereal Killer Dog Costume Idea

Handmade Cereal Killer Dog Costume Idea

I wanted something funny/ scary. The handmade Cereal Killer Dog costume idea came from my dog attacking tearing apart a cardboard box. I also made the same costume for myself. Used a black dog coat made with 2 velcro belts sewn at chest & waist level as well as neck velcro’s on so costume doesn’t … Read more