Coolest Jockey and Horse Costume: Off to the Races!

Coolest Jockey and Horse Costume: Off to the Races!

I wanted to enter a local pet costume contest with my Great Dane, and I figured including my darling daughter might increase my odds of winning. Since he was always being compared to a horse, I first considered going with a cowgirl and her horse, but I thought that the idea was not original enough. … Read more

Awesome DIY Sinbad Pirate Dog Costume and Amazing Cardboard Ship!

Sinbad Dog Costume

Here’s the story of how we created this Sinbad pirate dog costume for my dog Kalin. This spring Kalin lost an eye to an infection from a cat scratch. It was heartbreaking to go through but also amazing to see how my family and community came together to support us through the healing process, raising … Read more

Beautiful Homemade Rain Storm Halloween Costume with Rainbow Puppy

Rainbow and Rain storm Halloween costume

I was inspired by a vogue-esque photo of a human rain storm 2 years ago, so decided a rainbow + rain storm costume would be perfect for my newly adopted puppy and I :) Rain storm costume supplies: Straw wide brimmed hat Stuffing from old pillow (can also use fake snow from Michael’s) White elastic … Read more

Cool DIY Wendy’s Hamburger and Fries Pet and Owner Costume

Wendy's Hamburger and Fries

When your name is Wendy and you have natural red hair there is really only one costume option for you! I’ve been wanting to create this costume for a long time, but I needed the right accomplices. It all started when I saw the blue striped, puffy sleeve blouse for sale at The Gap. After … Read more

The Cutest E.T. Dog and Owner Costume

THE cutest E.T.

I had this idea of doing a costume together with my dog and decided to go with it. I knew I had to make a basket and could not use one as it would be too firm and hurt my dog.   I took measurements of an actual crate and laid out vinyl I have from … Read more

Dog and Owner Costume – Handmade Beauty and the… Dog?

Beauty and the... Dog?

This dress was mostly finished a couple years before I thought to make it my Halloween costume, but the addition of my dog Loki’s costume is what definitely brought the heart to this project. Since both costumes are sewn from scratch, they had to start with patterns. I used a commercial corset pattern for my … Read more

Top 11 Coolest DIY Owner and Dog Costumes

owner and dog costumes

“You can love your pet, just don’t LOVE your pet.” Insightful words by Dr. Abby Barnes in the incredibly wise and hilarious film, “The Truth About Cats and Dogs”. In this case, dressing up with your pooch in a couple costume is well inside the safe limits of loving your pet. So, get inspired by … Read more

Amazing Pop Art Inspired Owner and Pet Costumes

owner and pet costumes

Inspiration for my Owner and Pet Costumes I got the inspiration for this costume last year online. I always do dog costume contests. And I love to dress up alongside of my pup. So, I knew what I was going to do for myself – but I had to think of how to create it … Read more

Edward ScissorPaws held by Kim Boggs

Edward ScissorPaws held by Kim Boggs

Ever since I started needing a service dog, I knew Halloween would be annoying with people asking me about my dog. So I decided we would always wear duo costumes so people would focus on the costume instead. I had another costume in mind for Halloween this year, but Danny Elfman brought Halloweentown to the … Read more

Coolest Candy Apple and Vendor Costumes

Coolest Candy Apple and Vendor Costumes

I love dressing up with my pug and got the idea for our costumes while enjoying a Carmel apple one afternoon. It was very simple and cheap to make. Here’s what I did: Pug: small plastic cauldron bucket, gift basket wrap, long stick (I used a cheap broom decoration from the dollar tree), ribbon, paint, … Read more

40 Year Old Toddler and Toy Jack-in-the-Box Costume

40 Year Old Toddler and Toy Jack-in-the-Box Costume

Since my rescue dog “Pixel” does NOT like to dress up for Halloween, I normally let him off the hook. Every year (he’s 6 now) we go to the Dog-O-Ween contest so that he can play with all of the other dogs, and mommy can see all the cool costumes. This year I had an … Read more