I love dressing up with my pug and got the idea for our costumes while enjoying a Carmel apple one afternoon. It was very simple and cheap to make. Here’s what I did:

Pug: small plastic cauldron bucket, gift basket wrap, long stick (I used a cheap broom decoration from the dollar tree), ribbon, paint, felt for body suit, and poster letters. I made a body suit out of black felt. I painted the cauldron red and turned it upside-down.  Then I hot glued the stick to the cauldron. I cut the gift wrap and hot glued to the inside of the cauldron and flipped it up and around the stick, then tied ribbon around it to keep it in place. Then I hot glued it to the felt body suit and then hot glued the poster letters to jazz it up. I accessorized  a halloween headband and some leis and TA-DA! Cost for him was about $15.

My Costume: apron, bow, button down shirt, chef hat, box, wrapping paper (I actally used a black tablecloth, red solo cups, sticks, clear loot bags, poster letters, and ribbon. I just covered a box, decorated with letters, and ran ribbon from it so it would hang off me. The “apples” were made by punching a hole in the cup, running a stick through it, then wrapping with loot bag and ribbon. The bow and chef hat I got at dollar tree and the clothes and apron I had in closet. Cost for me was $5.

Overall I spent $20 and got tons of reactions from people saying our costume was cool, people asking to take our photos, and telling me this was very original. It makes me feel awesome to make something so cheap and looks great.