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Coolest DIY Breakfast Family Costume With Our Dog!

Each year our family themes it up for Halloween. My daughter chose this year’s theme by wanting to go as Mrs. Butterworth and surprisingly, my youngest was watching a cartoon where they were obsessed with waffle and he begged to be a waffle. Tada! We have a theme!

Mina (Mrs. Butterworth) – I bought a hoop skirt and made a brown skirt to go over the hoop skirt. I put a brown turtle neck and brown gloves on her. I created the cap with cardboard, felt and elastic to go under her chin. The apron- I bought red fabric and cut it into the shape of an apron. I hand painted the logo onto the apron.

FYI- If you can’t hand paint the logo, go to a copy store and have them print the logo out onto thin paper and trace it with a permanent marker. I hot glue gunned yellow ribbon around the edges of the apron and as the tie around the waist for the apron. Total cost $23.

Macon (Eggo Waffle) – I used bed foam from his bed. I cut two circles from the bed foam. I cut strips of board foam to make the lines and hot glue gunned them like checkers onto the foam. I used brown shoe polish and a springs to brown up the edges for a toasted look. I painted Eggo onto it and cut two yellow felt pieces for butter and glued them on as well. I then hot glued both foam pieces to a yellow hoodie and paired it with yellow sweat pants. Total cost: are you ready for this? $2.39! I didn’t have brown shoe polish.

Maddox (Aunt Jemima) – I made a skirt out of checkered material. I made an apron out of red material. I made a head wrap out of yellow material. I cut up a sheet for his shawl. We put a long sleeve red shirt on him. For the aunt Jemima pancakes box- I scanned a box of Aunt Jemima pancakes, then printed it in four sections. I laminated them. I taped them together and hot glued them to one large leftover foam piece from the waffle costume. I glued ribbon onto it and hung it from.his neck. Total cost- $14.

April “Mommy” (Fried Egg) – eBay, It was cheaper to buy than to make. Total cost $5.32.

Paul “Daddy” (Dunkin’ Donuts Coffee) – I purchased three yards of white felt. I folded it in half to make it sturdier. I glued and stuffed the top of the coffee cup to make the coffee “lip”. I painted the Dunkin’ Donuts logo onto it and Caution: Extremely Hot! I glued the back together into a cylinder shape. I added elastic straps. Total cost- $13.

Rosie, our beloved dog (Jimmy Dean Sausage) – I made a cylinder shape out of gold fleece. Cut holes for her arms. I printed the logo and taped the logo instead of laminating it so that it would be more flexible. I sewed it onto the fleece. For the hat- a small cylinder shape and I used a metal ring on the top for the sausage tube. I glued elastic onto the hat. Total cost- $6.

Coolest DIY Breakfast Family Costume With Our Dog!

Coolest DIY Breakfast Family Costume With Our Dog!

Coolest DIY Breakfast Family Costume With Our Dog!

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