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Coolest Waffle Costume

What is better than dressing up as an inanimate object for Halloween?? Dressing up as everyone’s favorite tasty breakfast delicacy of course!!

One of the most cost efficient costumes out there! Three $10 foam mattresses (bumpy egg carton side out), a knife, one stapler, and one can of brown spray paint. Done. (Optional: bottle of maple syrup, either with maple syrup in it or filled with your favorite party beverage!)

First lay out two mattresses bumpy egg carton side up. Lightly paint them brown from top to bottom (try to do an even coat, but make it inconsistent for looks). After, paint a little bit darker lines in a crisscross pattern to simulate the waffle iron look.

While the paint dries, take the third foam mattress and cut two squares from it. No specific size, use your judgement. After the paint dries on the larger sections, staple the two squares on one of the pieces so that the two unpainted sections are flat side out. Now staple the two larger sections together (paint side out of course, duh). Make sure to staple around the edges only and to only do the top and sides. Leave the bottom open, this is where you will enter your amazing party costume of awesomeness.

Cut a cross in one side of the foam where your face will be coming out of the costume. Make sure not to remove any foam in case you would like to hide from that overly excited person in the corner staring at you with drool coming out of their mouth.

Do the same thing for both hands and you are finished!! Welcome to the world of a nice homecooked breakfast Waffle Costume! Enjoy.

Homemade Waffle Costume

Homemade Waffle Costume

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  1. Thank you for such a creative and perfect costume. I’ve just started working the breakfast buffet at a hotel in Vegas, and got waffle mix everywhere! I don’t make much money and I want to make a happy statement with this year’s Halloween contest, and you’ve just shown me how! Thank you. This is the Coolest Waffle costume!


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