My sorority had a date party themed “compound words”. The guy I was taking is named Sandy, so when we first started brainstorming ideas, I came up with a few words that incorporated his unique name – sandcastle, sandwich (sand-witch), sand-dollar, etc. As I kept trying to come up with more words with sand or sandy in it, all of a sudden San Diego came to my mind. Sandy-Eggo! Now, I’ll admit, it’s not technically a compound word, but it was too funny and clever not to go with.

Of course I was going to let him be Sandy because, well, he is Sandy. We brainstormed a few ideas about how he could dress up as “Sandy” and we finally decided on a Hawaiian shirt, a lei, and a “hi my name is Sandy” name-tag. Simple.

Now I had to figure out how to be an Eggo waffle. I figured I would take the easy way out and order a T-shirt online and be done with it. But I’m usually more creative than that, so I decided to do some searching for how other people made a waffle costume and my search brought me to this site. I based my costume off of another user’s and made some slight modifications.

I started with a yellow egg crate (mattress pad) that Sandy had lying in his closet, taking up space. I cut out two large circles – size and shape can vary depending on how big you want your waffle to be. I then cut strips from the egg crate to make the grid of the waffle. I laid out the long strips and cut smaller ones to fit in the perpendicular spaces. I hot glue gunned all of these down – flat side facing out, both the side with the ridges. I then made little slits on the top edges of both waffles and strung some simple black string through them to make two straps. I printed out the Eggo logo and traced it onto some thing red, foam paper, and cut two squares of “butter” out of felt. Lastly, I took some old powder bronzer I had lying around and brushed it inside the squares to give the waffle some color and a toasted look. That’s it! The whole process took around two hours and cost me (since I had the egg crate and bronzer already) about $4.00.

Everyone was blown away by my costume. They couldn’t believe I made it and how real it looked. It was even funnier though to have people guess what we were. We told them to just read the words written on us, and they would “… Sandy…Eggo…”, then they would stare at us confused until it finally clicked, San Diego! I’m so happy with how the costume turned out and the response we got from our friends.