The best part of coming up with an idea for a costume is finding a “play on words”. This year my idea was “trailer trash”. I went to the local furniture store and got the largest box I could find. I cut it down to a size that I thought my 9 year old son could carry using duct tape and a staple gun.

I formed the shape of a mobile home and then cut out an opening in the center for a trash can. I used a pop-up laundry hamper and sprayed it with silver paint for the trash can and then cut a hole in the bottom. I used my husband’s old belts to strap the trash can  to the inside of the trailer and to strap the whole costume onto my son’s back once he was inside the trash can. I cut out the windows from cardboard and sprayed them silver. I peeled leftover cardboard apart to get the ridged part from the inside to use for the shutters, then painted them navy blue and stapled them on the front. I also painted the inside of the windows with glow-in-the-dark paint so they looked lit up at night. For the wheels on the bottom of the trailer I used florist foam oasis in two sizes and spray painted them and then hot-glued them to the bottom. For the trailer hitch, my son had some Styrofoam hose pipes that were bendable, so I formed a triangle and attached it to the front along with a foam ball and painted them black to look like one piece.  For the back door of the trailer, I cut down a gift box, attached a window and a cabinet door knob, and then hot-glued the door to the trailer. I also attached stick-on letters “TRASH” to the front of the trash can. Unfortunately, they fell off by the time we got to the costume contest because the weather was freezing. Otherwise, the costume survived the crowd and we won 1st place at the community Halloween on the Square celebration. (This is my son’s 6th year in a row to win 1st place.) We love being creative with our costumes.