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Coolest Biker Trash Halloween Costume

My name is Sherri and it had been years since I dressed up. But I was invited to a Halloween/Birthday party so I thought I would throw something together plus my daughter wanted me to dress up as I walked around with her trick or treating. It seemed like every idea I had I couldn’t find everything I needed so about 2 hours before we where ready to go, I thought instead of white trash I will be a biker trash Halloween costume.

So I got out my Harley boots, jacket, shirt, earrings, necklaces and pins and of course trash out of the garbage and started putting it together. I did receive a lot of strange looks during the night, only a few people had the nerve to ask what I was suppose to be. It was a lot of fun, I have already started coming up with ideas for next year.

The scariest part was hoping that the safety pin holding my trash on would not come loose during the night.

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