Coolest Trash Costume

There was a civic strike which affected Garbage pickup when I made this costume. I actually had people ask me who was carrying me! Here is how I made this trash costume:

Cut a hole in the back of a garbage can. Leave about a 6” rim at the top so it looks continuous. I made a slit in the rim and used a d-ring on a strap so I could get into the can easier.

Stuff a pair of legs and attach shoes to make it look more realistic. I used shredded paper for the office, worked great!

For the garbage man’s body I used a backpack that had a good waist strap. The waist strap goes through the buttons in the jacket and around my waist.

I used an old Frankenstein mask with a wooden stick that went into the backpack. In order to get the upper body of the garbage man to look right, I used a bungee cord to attach the top of the backpack around my chest (hidden by the garbage can) to keep him tighter to the back of the can, and to hide the hole. Stuff the arms of the garbage man, and use Velcro to attach the hands to the can.

Finally enjoy all the praise and attention for having the best costume!

7 thoughts on “Coolest Trash Costume”

  1. Even knowing its one person I cant even picture those are your legs on the ground. Did you have to hunch over? Definitely a great optical illusion.

  2. Yes, I did have to hunch over a little bit, but with a good waist strap on the backpack, it gives you pretty god support.

  3. how did you keep the legs in place? I thought of using stockings for my costume but I don’t know how to keep it from falling through the hole I’m using

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