Coolest Homemade Trash Costume

For this homemade trash costume I went in a more conceptual direction – literal trash, but also trashy trash, i.e. fishnets and smeared lipstick. Our friends went through a period of lovingly calling each other traaaaash! (yeah it’s kind of trashy) so I wanted to embody this with a homemade trash costume.

I started by making my dress from one big garbage bag. I first cut the neck hole and created shoulder straps by cinching them with purple gaffer’s tape and securing them to the body of the dress with the same tape. Then I made newspaper bows and tied them onto the straps. I cinched the costume in back to give it a more flattering dress-like shape with tape and covered that up with a big bow made from a blue plastic shopping bag.

For the finishing touches I put another bow in my hair made from a plastic shopping bag and wrapped aluminum foil around my waist for a belt. Easy!

To top it off, I made an earring from a bottle cap and a safety pin, and a necklace of grocery bag chains with the top of a beer can as the medallion. I wore torn fishnets over black capri stockings, purple gloves, and for that extra trashy touch smeared some lipstick on with super thick dark eyeliner. I also made sure to act really trashy all night (as you can see by the silly poses in the pics).

All in all, it was the easiest purely homemade costume I’ve ever made, and for a last minute plan B, it was a smash!

Homemade Trash Costume

Homemade Trash Costume

Homemade Trash Costume

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