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Homemade White Trash Wordplay Costume

This was a very last minute costume. I normally go all out, have a huge Halloween party, and make my costume, usually thinking of it for the entire year. I also have always made my kids costumes, and generally make a few for family members and friends. I’m known as the one who goes all over and above, and always get lots of oohs and aahs!

This year I have had some issues that prevented me from having a party, and since my youngest child is 18, I was only making one  costume, for my 11 year old niece. I had resigned myself that there would be other Halloweens and I wasn’t even going to dress up this year. I also didn’t ‘really’ decorate, only putting out a few things. Like I said, I usually go all out and Halloween is one of my very favorite days of the year.

The day before Halloween I decided I just had to dress up and starting going through my extensive costume and accessory closet, looking for something to throw on. Nothing seemed right and then it hit me. So I ran to the thrift store and purchased a white t shirt and a pair of white sweatpants, and yes, I even scored a pair of white slippers. Then I literally started going through the trash, using only the clean things of course. I even ran to McDonald’s and got a Happy Meal to munch on while I made my costume. Then I just starting hot-gluing the trash to my clothes! It only took me about a half hour and cost under eight bucks!

Then I threw curlers in my hair, put on a ton of tacky makeup( which unfortunately is hard to see in the pictures), including some bright green eye-shadow, and put on my clothes. I carried around a can of Miller beer, and chomped on a piece of gum all night. Voila! ‘White trash’. It was super comfortable and I got many comments on what a clever costume it was. Of course it took a few people a minute to get it, but once they did, they thought it was so funny! And by the end of the evening, I still had all my “trash” intact.

Homemade White Trash Wordplay Costume

Homemade White Trash Wordplay Costume

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