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Coolest Homemade Deviled Egg Halloween Costume

For my costume, I wanted something that would satisfy a few requirements: I needed it to be warm; I needed it to not make me look slutty or trashy but still be cute; and most importantly, I wanted it to be DIFFERENT! I love puns and word play, so one I was I thinking about puns and I drew a picture of a deviled egg while I was in class, and this Homemade Deviled Egg Halloween Costume was born!

I used an old bed sheet to design my pattern. (Folded to make two pieces, front and back.) After cutting that out, I cut the pattern again on some white fleece (two pieces, for front and back). I cut the yolk from some yellow fleece, stitched it most of the way down to the white fleece, stuffed it with more quilt batting, then stitched it completely down to the egg “white.”

After laying down some quilt batting to fill out the egg white, I stitched the pattern from the sheet to the egg white and yolk. I repeated the stuffing of the egg white and stitched the sheet and egg white together for the back (minus the yolk), leaving room for my head and legs.

I purchased a cheap devil set (horns and tail) from Wal-Mart and also a pitchfork (trident) to bring it all together. You can’t quite see the tail in the picture, sadly. I got the best responses on this costume! It was so easy and just what I wanted!

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