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Coolest Deviled Egg Costume

I always try to make costumes that play on words, so I made I made this “Deviled Egg” costume for my three year old son, complete with hood and cape out of bright red, shiny metallic fabric. I used a devil costume pattern purchased from the fabric store. The egg part of the costume is made from a puffy pumpkin costume pattern, but with a “yolk” circle stitched onto the front. (It could also be glued with a glue gun.)

The egg is stuffed with batting and snaps at the shoulder. The egg costume is completely separate from the devil costume. There is a strip of rhinestone trim around the cape to add some flash. The devil hood is an extra bonus because if you live somewhere cold you can put a warm hat underneath it, or line it with fleece.

Red mittens complete the look in a cold climate. I added a store bought pitchfork, a candy bag made from devilish flame material, and a eyebrow pencil goatee. My little “Deviled Egg” was all set!

This costume will be a huge hit with the trick-or-treating set!

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