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Coolest Devilish Deviled Egg Costume

Ok Ok I know this is not a costume that will take hours to make, LOL, But if your in a pinch or have a tight budget this is super easy to construct… also all of the items can be purchased at a dollar store.

I cut a piece of posterboard into an egg shape. $1.00 added a piece of glittered craft foam cut in a circle shape for the yolk and glued to posterboard (free – had some laying around). Poked two holes in posterboard to place around my neck. I used some eyelet type edging from the sewing basket for free.

Dollar store accessories – sequined horns, tail and pitchfork completed the costume. This Devilish Deviled Egg Costume is inexpensive and very easy to throw together. $ 4.00 total or less!!! You could add make up and really make it more or just keep it simple.

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