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Coolest DIY Deviled Egg Halloween Costume

I got the idea for this Homemade Deviled Egg Halloween Costume by looking at the store-bought Deviled Egg costumes online.

My mom and I ended up making it with a thick felt material and then bought a set of devil horns, bow tie, and tail and sewed them onto the costume. It took the longest time to find red tights to wear.

The funniest part of Halloween 2009 was that it was so warm and I was burning up in my costume! I was literally dripping sweat underneath the thick material that, we assumed, would be keeping me warm on a cold night. This was the first Halloween that I can remember the weather not being freezing cold; it ended up being in the high 70s. We had a great time in downtown Raleigh, NC and the costume was a big hit with other Halloween participants.

It was also nice to send my mom pictures of the costume to cheer her up; she had surgery the Friday before Halloween and is doing well.

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