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Original Deviled Egg Halloween Costume

I was looking for something unique but yet would help keep my daughter warm on a cold Halloween night !  I wanted something easy for her to get in and out of too.  With out a ton of makeup and accessories.  So I saw a devil egg somewhere and I knew I had to make THAT !  I went to Walmart to the fabric section, bought some white fleece and yellow fleece.  I went home found some old foam I had laying around from a previous project and went to work on this original Deviled Egg Halloween costume!

First I cut the foam in the shape of a fried egg ( or as best I could ! )  Then I laid out the white so that it would make a cover over the white.  I cut it out a few inches bigger then the foam piece and sewed it together insides together.  I left the bottom open.  Then I gently pushed the foam into the “egg” covering.  Then I went to work on the yolk.  I grabbed some stuffing out of my stash pile  ( I tend to have stuff like this on hand for just such emergencies ! ). I cut the yolk.. well in yolk shape  lol  and hand sewed it on.  I left a small space, put the stuffing in, arranging it to look round a plump.  Then closed it up.   I finished sewing the bottom of the egg.

Then I needed to figure out how she was going to wear it !  Hmmmmm.  So I cut another peice of white and started to make a back so she could wear it like a a shirt.  That didnt work out as well  it was just to tight and didnt fit right.  Though I’m sure if someone is a better sewer them myself you could make it work!  So I got impatient and just cut that right up the center.  I added some straps to the back peices and when she slipped her arms in the holes I just tied the back up !  It worked on so many levels.  She could tighten the ties and wear it to an indoor party  or loosen the ties and wear it over a snow suit.

I added some devil horns, the pitchfork and sewed a tail onto the back and WA’ALA   a devil egg !

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