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Last-Minute Homemade Deviled Egg Costume

Last year I had a contest at my beauty school I was attending for Most Original Costume. I wanted to do something completely original, easy, and funny. I’m a very out going girl who loves to make people giggle. It makes my day! I had been thinking hard about what I could do, when it suddenly just came to me. My mom had been making “deviled eggs” for a party, or something.

I went down to Hobby Lobby, and got the supplies I’d need. A yellow tshirt, a white tshirt, and a set of devil horns. I cut out a circle of the yellow tshirt, and taped it onto my white tshirt, so it looked like an egg with the yolk, and then wore devil horns on my head. I went to school the following day, and a couple people guessed it right away, but others I had to explain it. I ended up winning most original costume, and always won over a lot of laughs for the idea.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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