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Coolest Homemade Deviled Egg and Angel Food Cake Couple Costume

After many hours of exploring the coolest-homemade-costumes.com, we came across an adorable kid costume – a “devil”ed egg. My husband laid claim to this costume and I began brainstorming about a good companion costume. I came up with “angel” food cake. Most everyone got it and thought they were a quite clever Homemade Deviled Egg and Angel Food Cake Couple Costume.

For the deviled egg costume:
1) Purchase the largest balloon you can find for the egg shape. You may have to call around to novelty shops, but they are out there.
2) Paper-mache balloon with 3-4 layers of newspaper. The last layer should be white paper as it is easier to cover white paper with spray paint vs. newsprint. Allow at least 12 hours between layers. As we came up with this idea only 3 days before Halloween, our deviled egg was only 3 layers.
3) Spray paint egg with white spray paint.
4) Cut holes at the bottom, top and sides for legs, head, and arms. To find your arm locations, have someone else tap the balloon from the outside and find your elbows, mark the spot and then and add cracks with black Sharpie marker.
5) Add purchased or homemade horns, a cape, and a pitchfork. We also purchased a face kit for a truly devilish look.

For the angel food cake costume:
1) Find the largest box you can. U-Haul’s shorty wardrobe box worked for me.
2) Close one end of the box with duct tape. With the closed end being the largest part of your cake slice, measure the half-way point at the open end and this will be the point of your cake. With a utility knife cut from the closed end to the open end creating a pie or triangle shape. This will be the top of your cake slice. On the opposite side of the box, cut an identical pie or triangle. At this point, the sides of your boxes will fold in to create a 3-D pie shape. Duct tape the outside and inside edges. Cut a small circle for your waist on top and remove the bottom of the pie using the utility knife for your legs. I removed the entire bottom, but you could just cut a space for your legs as well.
3) Ideally, you would use foam secured to the outside of the box to replicate the airy quality of angel food cake. Mine kept falling off as I think it was too thick and we were under the gun. So I draped a tablecloth on top of it and taped it to the inside of the box.
4) Add a rope to go around your neck. Mine stayed all night with some duct tape, but a better route would be to cut a hole for the rope and knot at both ends.
5) Add angel wings, white dress, and halo.

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