As a dedicated iced coffee drinker and student with a huge test coming up on the day before Halloween, I decided I might as well be an iced coffee.  I figured I might even turn into one with the amount I was drinking in order to prepare for my test, so it seemed to be the perfect idea!

After my test, with an iced coffee in hand, I got down to business.  I had a cheap white dress in my closet that I didn’t mind dying. With brown dye, I attempted a mini “ombre” effect at the top of the dress to give the illusion of ice/milk/foam, etc.  I did have to dye it twice, as it turns out the ‘stirring’ part of the directions is indeed important—my only minor setback.

While the dress was soaking,  I cut circles out of green and white felt, using a plate for an outline.  Then I just free handed the mermaid, appreciating the fact she was symmetrical enough that I could fold the felt in half and work double time. The most time consuming part was sewing the two logo pieces together and on to the dress, but even that did not take as long as a thought, only a couple hours.  After the logo was complete, I moved on to the back of the dress, where I sewed on the drink option boxes, and made my dress party ready!

For the straw top, I punched holes into a plastic iced coffee cup top and also into a toilet paper roll that I covered in green felt.  I tied them both to a headband using green thread.

Finally, I added brown tights and I was ready to celebrate!