Here is how the last-minute Ice Coffee Cup costume: I am what I Drink came together. We are having a Halloween party at my job, private preschool with a Dunkin Donut shop across the street. Several co-workers frequent the shop on a daily basis. So, I was drinking my ice coffee, when it hit me. I am going to be an ice coffee for Halloween.

Simple, right, grab some poster board, cover it with brown butcher paper and create a straw, and print off labeled logo sign. Perfect, that was to easy. So, then I said, we should have a theme for the teachers on our side of the building, then the latter was formed, a frosted donut, and a sausage, egg, and cheese croissant was created by my co- workers.

There you have it, a group of Dunkin Donut addicts. I will add the other pictures, once we take a group picture. We are an awesome group of teachers .