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20+ Awesome Homemade Coffee Cup Costumes

Coffee…that wonderful fluid that delivers energy into our veins and transports us through our day. We could wax poetic over this glorious drink all day. Instead, we’ll browse through this awesome collection of homemade coffee cup costumes. Because, when choosing a DIY costume for Halloween, what could be more natural than your favorite fuel.

Do you drink your coffee steaming hot or over ice? Check out the construction secrets of hot and cold cup costumes. Some people cleverly use a pool noodle as a straw. Others use poster board and hula hoops to construct an inexpensive DIY costume. Another idea for creating a 3D cup shape is utilizing a garbage can or hamper. In addition, it’s amazing how much light brown fleece looks like a latte!

So check out these awesome homemade coffee cup costumes. They are guaranteed to be a hit this Halloween!