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Coolest No-Sew Coffee Costume (Was a Hit Everywhere we Went!)

So my 4 year old decided he wanted to be coffee, coffee, really what the heck crazy kid. So after scowering the internet I found some ideas but none that I really liked, bought  or wearable for a kid so I got to thinking. We went to Joann’s fabric, bought some light brown fabric, some white fabric, hot glue, green foam paper, ribbon,  an embroidery hoop, and prinatble iron on paper.

Now how to make this a cute costume. With the materials sprawled out on the table, ugh what to do. So first I measured the light brown around the hoop and cut it to go around. Then found the middle of the material so I found a Starbucks log on the internet, printed it out. I cut out the design, ironed on, failed, the iron burnt through the material cause apperntly with the felt you cant follow directions of the iron on paper, you need to keep iron moving. So back to the store. TAKE TWO….. this time I moved the iron around. Success, then I looked at my cup and printed the back boxes of the check list. Ironed that on then I took the ribbon and glued the tree lines that are on the cup.

I then glued the top of material around the hoop so the hoops can not be seen.  I put it on her, cut to length, and then I cut arm holes. I put Velcros down the side so she can open and take it off easy. It was a little low on her so I took scrap material and glued shoulder straps across the hoop so it will lay on her shoulder. I then took white material and scrunched it up around the hoop glue gun again. I then glued the rolled up foam paper on head band then crumpled up more material around and the costume was complete.

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  1. I find the whipped cream to be the most amazing part of this costume. I can’t figure out how you made it so realistic and I have made awesome costumes before. Is it all one piece?


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