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No-Sew Starbucks Latte Costume

My friends and family all know that I can usually be spotted with a Starbucks cup in my hand so this was the perfect costume Idea for me . I started out using a bongo bag (it’s like a accordion like hamper) as a frame and stapled some poster board around it. I cut armholes in the sides and used some white duct tape around the armholes. I wrapped a other piece of cardboard around the cup body and covered it in green duct tape and glued a printout of the logo to it .

The straw/stopper is just a green pool noodle . Technically a latte doesn’t have a straw so this could be considered the stopper . I needed it to support the lid . For the lid I just cut out a cardboard circle and covered in paper making shape of a lid . Also I cut a hole in the top to place the straw thru. The foam is just a cardboard circle I rested on my shoulders covered in pillow stuffing and I wrapped around some fishing line to keep it from falling off.

I used a marker to write my name on the cup as well as the usual things on a Starbucks cup . Also used some sticker letters on the details on the sleeve. The entire costume cost me around $5 and was the perfect costume for me!

No-Sew Starbucks Latte Costume

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