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Coolest Starbucks Coffee Cup Costume Idea

I’m a Starbucks ADDICT so this Starbucks Coffee Cup Costume was perfect for me!

I started by picking up a lightweight (cheap) trashcan from the hardware store, along with bungee cords (for straps) and white spray paint.

Once home, I went to town spray painting the can and the lid with the white spray paint. It took several coats, and two cans, but turned out  “good enough” – especially once the sleeve was attached.

The hard part was free handing the Starbucks logo. We recently moved so I had tons of boxes; I just cut one apart to create the cardboard sleeve and then drew the logo with pencil. Using acrylic paint, small paintbrushes, and a careful hand I painted over my sketch until I was happy with it.

I used my jigsaw to cut the bottom out of the can so my legs would have a place to go. I also drilled holes into the lid to attach rope for my hat/lid. The bungee cords easily attached over my shoulders and to the rim of the can. I ended up duct taping the cardboard around the can to create the sleeve.

A black tee and black leggings were all I needed!

The downside… not being able to sit down  (but, it was easily removed after awhile and got lots of laughs). No one had seen anything like it before!

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