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Starbuck’s Latte Coffee Cup Costume

I (Lisa) am wearing the costume I made this year! I made it because it is my favorite Starbuck’s drink. I made this costume completely by hand and sewing machine. I made it out of Fleece material that looks like it has caramel sauce in it, sewn around two different size embroidery hoops, larger at top, smaller at bottom, extra material at the top of the cup, with ribbon sewn in to create a drawstring around the neck. Then I added cotton material, gathered at the neck for the whip cream, 8mm caramel colored yarn for the caramel drizzle on the whip cream, stenciled the Starbuck’s logo onto green fleece, cut out logo, then glued it on white fleece for a more dimensional effect, then glued it on the cup. For the headpiece: I glued some green fleece around an empty paper towel cardboard, glued it on a rigid head band, gathered cotton material and glued it around straw, and glued some caramel colored yarn for more caramel drizzle effects.

I visited 8 Starbucks store on Halloween Day and the store Managers would give an in store customer a Venti Iced Caramel Latte. the store managers were calling the other stores in the area and everyone wanted me to come to their store! They said I should be the new Starbuck’s mascot!

Starbuck's Latte Coffee Cup Costume

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