Coolest Candy Apple and Vendor Costumes

Coolest Candy Apple and Vendor Costumes

I love dressing up with my pug and got the idea for our costumes while enjoying a Carmel apple one afternoon. It was very simple and cheap to make. Here’s what I did: Pug: small plastic cauldron bucket, gift basket wrap, long stick (I used a cheap broom decoration from the dollar tree), ribbon, paint, … Read more

World’s Best Candy Apple Costume!

World's Best Candy Apple Costume!

This idea came about because one of my graduate school student associations was having a candy apple sale and I needed a gimmick to draw attention and make sells. Just so happens that this candy apple sale was the week before Halloween so the costume could be worn then as well. I had to think … Read more

Coolest Homemade Apple Costume

Homemade Apple Costume

To make this homemade apple costume, I made a hat out of paper mache, using cardboard strips cut from a cereal box. I made a band to go around head taping it together with duct tape and then criss-crossed the other strips over the band attaching to band with tape. Then using paper and paper … Read more

Apple Costume

We often created homemade costumes for Halloween as a chance to think beyond the usual and expected as well as for the so much touted “quality time”! This particular if peculiar idea for Halloween costumes to make came from my daughter\’s mild unruliness during an excursion where she, her younger brother and I searched a … Read more