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Coolest Homemade Apple Costume

To make this homemade apple costume, I made a hat out of paper mache, using cardboard strips cut from a cereal box. I made a band to go around head taping it together with duct tape and then criss-crossed the other strips over the band attaching to band with tape. Then using paper and paper mache paste, I covered the helmet with paper mache, coat 3 or 4 times.

When dry, attach a construction paper leaf, and paint helmet red. Using an over-sized red sweater, hem the bottom edge and string a tie or shoe lace through hem (gathering up at bottom).

Put a pillow inside tied to middle of child. Sew two long pink rectangular strips together leaving opening at bottom and turn inside out, to make the worm. Draw lines and a set of eyes and mouth on worm with a permanent marker. Sew to shoulder. Make a label using white cloth and fabric crayons or permanent markers. I wrote Bad Apple on the label. You can put red makeup on face for added effect.

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