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Amazing Pop Art Inspired Owner and Pet Costumes

Inspiration for my Owner and Pet Costumes

I got the inspiration for this costume last year online. I always do dog costume contests. And I love to dress up alongside of my pup. So, I knew what I was going to do for myself – but I had to think of how to create it for my owner and pet costumes. I’ll start with my outfit.

Most of the items I used in our costumes were from thrift shops: Dress, necklace, bracelet, broach, belt, shoes, and undershirt. My dog: Her dress, red/white polka dot material, lace.

Pop Art Makeup and Accessories

I watched some online makeup tutorials and think I nailed it! I knew I would be repeating it, as I had 4 costume contests I would be participating in. Boy oh Boy is it hard to get black eyeliner off of your eyebrows!! The Wig/tights were from an online costume store. I hand drew my sign: “It’s..it’s not and engagement ring..is it?” (From one of Lichtenstein’s paintings) on the first try! YES! Attached it to a hair clip. I also purchased my bag and headband from Etsy. So there were handmade from someone :). The bag came all the way from England!

Speech Bubble

I purchased a ready-made sign (speech bubble headband) that I used for Cleo. It came with dry erase marker. I wrote on her sign: “Oh…I love Spot, but he’s such a dog!” A Phunny verion (dog themed) that is similar to the 60’s pop art paintings of Roy Lichtenstein. I put plastic wrap over it and used a blow dryer to help shrink it and taped the excess on the back. (I knew I was going to be using this for 4 costume contests and a permanent marker wasn’t working.) Then I hot glued Velcro to the underside of the headband part and sewed the other Velcro part to her dress. The perfect fool-proof way that it wasn’t coming off when she shook.

Dog Costume

I altered a child’s dress to become a ‘dog-dress’. I cut away, sewed shorter/tighter. Then I added lace and used the excess material to make a bow for her ‘hair’. I got a dog wig and used hair color spray for the black accent parts that make it more known as a comic style. The last piece I got a phone (really works with the smartphones) and wrapped it around her neck to show that she’s on the phone. Many of Lichtenstein’s panting’s, the women is on the phone gossiping.

Owner and Pet Costumes Reactions

We won 1st place for best Costume in our first dog costume contest. The next one we won Most Creative. Still have one more to do. LOTS of compliments on both my makeup/costume and my pet Halloween costume! I have so much fun every year thinking and creating. Can’t wait for next year!!

owner and pet costumes

owner and pet costumes

owner and pet costumes

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