Earlier this year, the Art Institute of Chicago (my amazing hometown!) exhibited the works of Roy Lichtenstein and I thought how amazing his use of DOTS was in all of his works.  I had been familiar with his works but never spent so much time around them (and on a huge scale, mind you!), so I really got the chance to get up close and study the lines, the Benday dots he used, the colors…it was exciting and amazing!

As I always have “how could I do that” on my brain when comes to many things including costuming/makeup, I thought… YES!!!  I am going to be one of the Pop Art women for Halloween!   So, needless to say, I planned it, makeup tutorial-ed it, wigged it, dotted it, and made it happen!  I loved how it turned out!  From my color scheme of Lemon Yellow (my wig, my belt and shoes all hand-painted), Blue (my dress) and of course, RED (all the hand dotted dots on my arms, face, chest and neck) to my true to Lichtenstein art comic “thought bubble” wired to a headband (that looked free floating!).

I really enjoyed doing the costume and the makeup. I don’t think I’ve ever been asked to be in so many pictures in one night!