Wow! Roy Lichtenstein Comic Pop Art Costume

This costume was all about the hair and makeup for the “wow-factor” I wanted to give everyone that saw me.

I had a polka dot crop top from Forever 21 and a skirt from goodwill that luckily worked together well for the actual outfit.

For the hair, I used rollers and lightly sprayed in with yellow almost as if I was giving myself highlights. To make the speech bubble, I printed it off and attached it with a bobby pin to make it stay.The phone was a lucky prop I had purchased at Spencers a few years ago.

The makeup required a white makeup crayon to make the dots and a lot of black eyeliner to make the highlights around my face. The tears were the hardest part to make because I kept wanting to touch my eyes to wipe off the “heavy feeling”. To pull the look together I used purple lipstick to add some color.

Overall I was simply lucky with having these items around my place but I still had a great result. It was a showstopper for sure!



Wow! Roy Lichtenstein Comic Pop Art Costume

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