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Last Minute Costume Idea: Comic Book Pop Art

This was a last minute costume I did that cost under $10.

I used face paint, eyeliner and a Q-Tip. I first dipped the Q-Tip in the white face paint and put dots all over my face starting from my forehead working downward. I used black face paint and colored in my eyebrows, exaggerating the shape to make it more cartoon like. I then drew a line down the middle of my nose and along the sides.

I took my eye liner and swiped a slightly angled line down where my cheek bone is located. I also lined my jaw line with black. For my lips, I colored them in with red face paint. This shows up more than any red lip stick I could find. Plus it is not tinted, it ends up looking more cartoon-ish.

On my lips, I also took white paint and did a small line to act as a highlighter. This gave it a “pop art” effect. For my hair, I just threw it up with an extra poof up top to create a more drastic look.

For my last minute costume, I wore a shirt with comic book characters on it to go with the theme. I also chose to wear a red cape, which was a left over from an old costume I had. I used red gloves that was also from a previous costume and red flats, but any color will do. I like to keep it with the basic crayon colors: Red, Blue or Yellow.

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